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AI goes beyond improving patient outcomes. It transforms healthcare operations and delivery.

AI Improves Health Equity and Access

Technology has long helped improve patient outcomes, but only for patients with access to care. AI is helping to level the playing field.

Healthcare providers have long used data analytics to accelerate assessments, diagnoses and treatments. Now, AI is helping them to find and address underserved populations, ensuring that potential trials and treatments consider the full spectrum of possible patients.

Combining cloud and connectivity with AI-enabled hardware and software, healthcare workers can also reach citizens wherever they live, from remote locations to less-connected neighborhoods. This approach improves both access and outcomes for patients who might not otherwise receive the care they need.

AI systems can generate intuitive video guides that help customers complete claims, drawing from text, image and other data to solve accessibility challenges for diverse or underserved patients.

Synthetic data allows AI systems to be trained without access to real-world information, protecting patient privacy by developing insights without the use of personal data.


Healthcare and pharma capture huge amounts of data containing valuable insights that only advanced AI applications can properly unlock.

AI’s ability to analyze millions of inputs from disparate sources allows executives to differentiate on two critical fronts: treatment and care. Powerful AI applications can scan thousands of engagements to identify process-improvement opportunities and uncover new ways to bring innovative treatments to market quickly.

Concurrently, data scientists using AI can anonymously evaluate patient trends and tendencies, helping healthcare providers discover new ways to personalize service and improve the patient experience.

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