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Capitalize on AI to curate, gain business insights and accelerate growth through video assets.

Scale Growth with BI and Analytics

Companies across the media ecosystem see opportunities with VOD and FAST. Determining the best path to revenue in these areas is a top priority.

The challenge and opportunity for media leaders is to ensure their agility is fueled by true business intelligence. AI and data analytics help them achieve that reality.

Sand Technologies balances expertise in data science, OTT and streaming technology with extensive experience in AWS and other cloud environments. Working with our agile teams, video-centric organizations can design and build next-generation services at scale based on relevant business insights and data analytics. This combination of tech and media savvy enables media and entertainment companies to improve their performance while accelerating their growth.

A digital media entertainment company knew they could disrupt the streaming market with the right data analytics and software.

Key Solutions

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Expert AI and data science teams that unlock value, accelerate digital transformation, and improve profitability for businesses.
Next-generation software is about more than code. It’s about building intelligence into cloud-based platforms that enable growth.


The entertainment industry is at a crossroad with AI and cloud. Content supply chains grow ever more complex, and the speed of their evolution is accelerating.

Companies need to ensure their platforms remain integrated yet provide the innovation necessary to keep pace with rapid change. Data science, AI and cloud-native SaaS systems are key.

Media and entertainment leaders must reinvent their approach to asset supply-chain management. We develop systems that enable automatic ingestion, secure storage and enhanced collaboration between assets, operations and teams.

Using these integrated systems, media companies can maximize their supply-chain efficiency while building a foundation to successfully navigate future market transformation.

Streamline Video Asset Management

Many industries struggle to find GenAI use cases. Not media and entertainment.

Built on AWS, the video-logging and indexing platforms we create for clients enable them to leverage GenAI to quickly and accurately automate video curation and search, dramatically streamlining how they catalog, label and recall assets.

This AI-enabled video analysis and management platform integrates with many customer environments, running different AI models on video files in real-time as they’re ingested. By using AI and machine learning, companies can quickly search and identify key elements within video content, enabling them to organize, search, interact with and share their assets.

Working with our agile teams, video-centric organizations can design and build next-generation services at scale.

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