AI Solutions for Smart Cities

Make Smart Cities Smarter and More Sustainable

Data and connectivity are the foundation of any smart city. Delivering the greatest impact for residents means knowing how to build on that foundation. AI can connect those dots. Using AI solutions, smart city leaders are equipped to generate actionable insights, accelerate decision-making processes and scale their vision.

Advanced AI algorithms can inform rollout strategies for mobility solutions, EV charging stations and new renewable-energy infrastructure. Computer vision can enable rapid learning from video footage to optimize transit and improve public safety. And AI-infused IoT can empower water utilities to reduce leakage and significantly improve the city’s environmental performance. With AI, the triple bottom line is no longer a pipe dream.

Improve Citizen Satisfaction and Development

Urban populations are increasingly connected, but are the smart services they use equally integrated? AI enables city leaders to quickly scan, analyze and learn from huge volumes of data captured by disparate agencies. The resulting insights let smart cities identify and launch new services that improve the citizen experience, break down departmental silos and streamline civic operations.

This combination of engaged citizens and better-aligned agencies puts future development on a fast track. By leveraging AI, mayors and CTOs gain confidence that they’re developing the right solutions at the right time for the right people – including underserved communities. That’s the definition of smart development, and it ensures the smart city works for all people.

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