AI for Real Impact

Solve enterprise-level challenges with advanced AI and data solutions.

We equip companies to leverage AI and data to solve real business problems and achieve meaningful results. And we’ve done it for a decade.

AI Solutions

Strategy and implementation that brings AI opportunities to life.

Outcomes are more important than hype. Global enterprises trust Sand Technologies to identify meaningful AI use cases, assess their impact and enable the tech stack to drive transformation.

We develop custom AI algorithms and models for industry-specific applications. Our AI software solutions address critical business needs and are built on platforms and infrastructure that manage data at scale. This grounded approach empowers organizations to move beyond chatbots and achieve tangible business outcomes from strategic AI investments.

AI Talent Services

Global resources to build capacity, scale rapidly and deliver.

The scarcity of AI and data talent impacts a company’s ability to innovate. Sand Technologies offers flexible resources with expertise in the specialized areas that today’s tech-forward businesses demand.

Our data squads bring immediate capacity for data factories and high-priority projects. Our talent pipeline of AI experts and data scientists help companies scale-up at speed. And our ability to quickly establish global development centers ensures clients are equipped to compete in fast-moving markets.

AI Change Enablement

The latest AI headlines have caused many companies to question their readiness and rollout strategy. From use cases to upskilling, enterprises need an actionable roadmap to guide their AI transformation.

With our executive workshops, senior leaders can identify and analyze the most promising AI opportunities. Our AI accelerator course improves middle managers’ understanding of AI best practices. And technical training programs provide essential upskilling in AI, data and other digital competencies.

Sand Labs

Startups, small companies and R&D divisions are under immense pressure to launch MVPs and scale quickly. Sand Labs supports these innovators by providing the software engineers, data scientists and product leaders they need to rapidly design, prototype and go to market.

Our agile teams help organizations build their technology capability at speed. With Sand Labs, small-cap companies can deploy and scale their IT quickly, without the high costs and delays of building an in-house team. We provide the skill, scale and scrappiness small companies need to make their vision a reality.

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