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Accelerate smart factories and value chains using AI and digital twins.

AI Makes Industry 4.0 Come Alive

Manufacturing facilities are full of connected assets that transmit terabytes of data. But devices and connectivity don’t make a factory smart. Understanding the data is what drives transformation.
Manufacturers trust AI to make sense of the data across their enterprise. From the factory floor to the back office, manufacturing metrics are structured and analyzed by our AI applications, enabling clients to make better, faster decisions that boost efficiency and the bottom line.
AI makes sense of data transmitted by connected devices across the value chain, delivering on the promise of a connected manufacturing ecosystem.
Gen AI opens interesting new options, from automated supplier interactions to personalized customer service, setting the stage for a new wave of industry innovation.


Manufacturers must quickly evolve their operations and uncover new opportunities in the value chain. AI-powered digital twins let them do both with confidence.

AI allows manufacturers to analyze vast amounts of data from a variety of sources. By adding those insights to digital twins, manufacturers can model how process or asset changes will drive efficiency gains before ever making CapEx investments.

Manufacturers can further leverage AI to discover new revenue opportunities by analyzing supplier, partner and reseller datasets. This information, added to digital twins, then allows them to predict the anticipated business outcomes using real-world data.

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