Case Study

What if a child in rural Africa could access the best healthcare in the world?


Society for Family Health




South Africa



AI-Enabled Healthcare Clinics in Rural Africa

What if Africa’s healthcare industry could go from dwindling resources to self sufficient? What if the brain drain could no longer affect our access to skilled medical professionals? What if we could drastically reduce the rate of maternal deaths and chronic diseases, or we could predict the next pandemic?

We are partnering with Society for Family Health to solve these global challenges and reimagine healthcare across Africa. By connecting a network of thousands of rural primary healthcare clinics to the cloud and AI-enabled diagnostic equipment, we are empowering frontline healthcare workers to:

  1. Make better diagnosis
  2. More effectively triage patients
  3. Enable remote consultations with doctors.


We’re also enabling medication and emergency supplies delivered by drones.

Continuous, anonymized data is transmitted to a central “health intelligence center” allowing system leaders to drive real-time decisions, enable predictive analytics, pandemic prevention and response, and more efficient resource allocation.

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