Utilities AI Solutions for Water & Energy

Address your water and energy priorities with AI, ML and data science.

Support People, Planet and Profit

Few industries understand the triple bottom line like water and energy. From municipal imperatives to net-zero goals to financial demands, utilities need holistic solutions to address complex needs.

Some of the world’s largest utilities trust Sand Technologies to address their pressing priorities. Using AI and machine learning, our data scientists equip utility clients to plan, build, monitor and improve vast public networks. This AI-driven approach boosts profitability and performance, from capacity planning to incident tracking to regulatory compliance.

Sustainability targets are another operational and business driver. With AI and ML, water and energy utilities can efficiently automate waste control, evaluate asset health and advance their carbon-reduction strategies to deliver on their ambitious visions for the future.

Leading water companies have used our advanced AI solutions to manage leakage, optimize supply and demand, and reduce supply interruptions.
A large UK utility was challenged to combine data sources across its massive network to present a consolidated view of risk.


Utilities are inundated by data. The challenge is making sense of it all to chart an effective path forward. With AI and IoT, utilities can do precisely that.

Digital twins and machine-learning systems enable utilities to improve their decision-making with efficient analysis of historical and current data. These tools also support end-to-end incident tracking and root-cause analyses, helping utilities avoid future leaks, spills and asset downtime.

Deployed strategically, AI can boost to customer satisfaction as well. Document handling with OCR technology accelerates data extraction while reducing errors, providing a better customer experience.

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