Telecom AI Solutions for Enterprises

Leverage AI to make better, faster decisions about your network and growth strategies.

Accelerate Planning, Optimization and Revenue

While many focus on transitioning from 3G to 5G and beyond, leading telecommunication providers know the real evolution is transforming their network from cost center to profit center.

Enterprise AI goes well beyond chatbots and customer service. We’ve spent the past decade building and deploying AI solutions that enable global telecom clients to make more-informed decisions about the network, radio and business strategies that will accelerate their path to revenue.

Working with our data scientists and powerful AI frameworks, telecommunications companies quickly analyze customer, competitive and costing information to identify growth opportunities and refine their approach for maximum ROI before ever going to market.

“By integrating AI with digital twins, operators can reduce costs, increase their competitive advantage, and accelerate their profitability”

“What five critical success factors must be true for a telecom company if they want to deploy and benefit from a digital twin?”


A manufacturing staple for decades, digital twins play a key role in AI-driven deployments for network operators.

Using proprietary AI-enabled digital twins, telecom clients around the world have simulated their planned or actual networks in real-time to make fast, data-based decisions about rollout and improvements.

Our advanced dashboards offer centralized access to key network metrics and dedicated tools, empowering clients to make precise adjustments to antenna placement, power, tower height, radio frequency planning and more to achieve peak network performance.

FWA and Fiber Network Planning is Easy with AI

By tapping into powerful GPUs and the AI-powered precision of our innovative Ray Tracing AI algorithm, network operators can intuitively and accurately model radio wave propagation.

Clients can also leverage AI-powered costing tools to clearly estimate the expenses for FTTx, wireless, or FWA networks, optimizing rollout costs by better understanding the most cost-effective pathways to identified structures.

“Two immediate impacts of AI in telecom are improving demand forecasting and creating accurate network models based on actual operational data.”

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