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What if AI could revolutionize wastewater management, preventing pollution and unlocking massive savings?


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Smart Solutions for Wastewater Management

The wastewater industry has been grappling with challenges in effectively operating their businesses and combating pollution. Traditional methodologies and ad-hoc solutions lacked the precision and adaptability needed for modern wastewater treatment. Major water companies found themselves constantly battling pollution issues, with their operations not fully leveraging the potential of contemporary technology.

To address these challenges, the introduction of cloud-based digital twins for sewage treatment plants marked a significant advancement. These digital replicas, underpinned by pneumatic, hydraulic, and process engineering models, empowered operators to digitally mirror their day-to-day operations, adjusting various plant factors in real-time. The solutions also included comprehensive data models, driven by live plant data.

Enhanced by AI-driven analytics, these models provided actionable insights, guiding users on optimizing their sites for both operational efficiency and strategic capital expenditure.

The proficiency behind these transformative solutions included bespoke data model creation, digital replica design to emulate real-world processes, end-to-end cloud infrastructure deployment, and user-friendly applications for real-time parameter adjustments.

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