AI and Telecom – Integrated Network Planning

Webinar Summary

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In this webinar, you’ll explore:
  • Cutting-edge applications of AI in designing telco networks for expansive coverage with minimized costs.
  • The utilization of AI algorithms to leverage diverse data sources, including census information, mobility trends, economic activities, and satellite imagery, for optimized network planning.
  • Strategies for aligning demand with the appropriate access mediums to enhance service delivery and customer satisfaction.

This session is an unmissable opportunity for professionals in telecommunications to discover groundbreaking insights and strategies for employing AI and ML in network planning and operations. Whether you’re involved in strategy, operations, or technology innovation, the knowledge shared by Abhishek and Andries Johannes and their experiences in spearheading AI and ML projects across the globe will equip you with the tools to drive your business forward.

Secure your access to these transformative insights and be part of the movement towards smarter, more efficient telecommunications networks.

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Abhishek Sandhir
Managing Director, Telecommunications
Andries Johannes van der Walt
Technical Program Manager

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