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What if we could breathe life into the pages of every book we read?


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Interactive Digital Books with Publisher Prime

Imagine if a character could literally pop out of a book you were reading. Or if you could visit a beautiful scene as it is being described in a book. Or listen to a bird’s song, or watch a video about it as you read about it. What if you could fly a helicopter from a page in a book?

Publisher Prime, a New Zealand-based publishing company, had a dream to reimagine the reading experience as we know it.

As Publisher Prime’s official technology partner, we assembled a team of product managers, software architects, software engineers, creative directors, graphic designers, animators, UX designers and game developers to build the end-to-end technology platforms behind Publisher Prime’s digital books.

Together, we are building an interactive platform that allows authors to convert their analogue books into digital wonderlands.

After creating a digital interactive version of the “Diary of Anne Frank” and a helicopter manual used to train pilots around the globe, Publisher Prime hopes to expand its work to cover millions of titles around the world. Together with Publisher Prime, we’re creating the next revolution in storytelling after the Kindle and Audiobooks.

“Sand was able to grasp our needs, decipher our requirements, and come up with a solution that’s not only robust, but also scalable. End result: A beautiful functional application”

Jen Porter

Founder of Publisher Prime, New Zealand

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