Tech Crunch Early Stage 2024

Stop by our booth and attend our breakout session at TechCrunch Early Stage to learn how we help startups leverage AI, data and on-demand talent as their technology needs evolve.

AmCham Business Summit 2024

Meet us in the exclusive “Digital Transformation with Africa” pavilion to see how governments and enterprises are leveraging AI, data, software and IoT projects to transform industries.

Webinar: AI is Big.
What’s Your Reskilling Plan?

Understanding how to effectively reskill and upskill your workforce is crucial. This webinar with Training Magazine dives into strategies to embrace AI and ensure your org stays ahead technologically.

NAB Show 2024

Join Sand Technologies in the Nomad Media booth to experience how GenAI is revolutionizing media-asset management and boosting both productivity and ROI in the entertainment industry.