Event Details:

Sand Technologies is proud to be participating in the Singapore International Water Week 2024, the premier global platform for sharing innovative water, coastal, and flood solutions.

Our experts will be available to discuss all things AI and data intelligence and demonstrate how our solutions can empower your water business to make informed decisions, drive innovation, and stay ahead of the competition.

AI-Driven Water Management

Discover how our AI-powered solutions can optimize water distribution networks, predict demand patterns, and identify leaks or anomalies in real-time. Our advanced algorithms leverage machine learning and data analytics to enhance operational efficiency and resource conservation.

Flood Monitoring

Learn about our cutting-edge AI models for coastal monitoring and flood prediction. Our technology combines satellite imagery, sensor data, and hydrological models to provide early warning systems and enable proactive measures against coastal erosion and flooding events.

Water Quality Analysis

Explore our AI-based water quality analysis tools that can detect contaminants, monitor pH levels, and assess overall water quality with high accuracy. Our solutions empower water utilities and industries to ensure compliance and maintain safe water standards.

Visit our booth to engage with our AI experts, witness live demonstrations, and discover how Sand Technologies can drive tangible business outcomes through strategic AI investments tailored for the water industry.

We look forward to connecting with you at Singapore International Water Week 2024.


Meet us at Collision 2024 – Booth #0604-05