Event Details:

Sand Technologies is proud to be sponsoring SWAN’s upcoming 14th annual conference, the leading global smart water event with three days of cutting edge content and opportunities to network with your peers.

Our experts will be available to discuss all things AI and data intelligence and demonstrate how our solutions can empower your water business to make informed decisions, drive innovation, and stay ahead of the competition.

Asset Health Vision

Without a holistic view of asset health, resource planners struggle to prioritize maintenance, minimize bottlenecks caused by unexpected downtime and sufficiently forecast future needs. Asset Health Vision provides actionable insights into critical aspects including asset age, condition, maintenance history and performance. The Asset Health Index, a core feature of the platform, supports strategic asset management by enabling comparisons across different asset types and forecasting future conditions for informed decision-making.

Digital Replica Intelligence Platform (DRIP)

Smaller water utilities often lack the technology to make data-driven decisions. DRIP brings digital twin technology to smaller water and wastewater facilities in a user- friendly, cloud-based application. With DRIP, operators can create accurate digital models of their physical sites, allowing for simulations, scenario testing and process optimization, and simplifying complex treatment process management.

Visit our booth at SWAN Annual Conference to see these solutions in action and see what obstacles you can overcome, today and tomorrow.