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Transform your customer experience and retail operations with AI.

Deliver a Seamless Experience with AI

The retail ecosystem has evolved dramatically, from web to store to fulfillment. Customers expect a seamless cross-platform experience and dynamic personalization.

Retailers trust our AI applications to enable this transformation by optimizing their strategies at speed and scale. Clients have leveraged AI to improve their decision-making about customer engagement, transforming how customers experience the brand across touchpoints.

They’ve also engaged our data scientists to uncover opportunities in retail media business models, elevating the experience for customers and partners while boosting revenue.

Building a strong data capability enhances retailers’ ability to deliver reliable, actionable insights to advertisers, establishing credibility in the retail media space.

Using AI to better understand key data allows retailers to enhance the shopper journey and provide greater value through personalized and relevant experiences.


Retailers can unlock enormous value from data regarding customer behavior, inventory, staffing and the supply chain. But only if they have the tools to synthesize and understand it.

AI offers the fastest path to realizing this value. Our Market Scan tool enables retailers to quickly identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities for expansion and competitive positioning. Additional AI solutions help retailers automate and streamline merchandising and staffing, improving their operations and reducing costs.

Making sense of enterprise data is also key to retailers meeting rigorous environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements. From sourcing to fulfillment to policies, huge volumes of data can be gathered, assessed and translated into reportable metrics using AI tools.

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