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What if a data upskilling program could equip bank employees to deliver on a roadmap of critical projects?


Large Retail Bank


Banking and Finance


United Kingdom

Upskilling Data Skills for a Retail Bank

A large retail bank launched a digital transformation strategy for competitive advantage. The challenge was finding and recruiting scarce digital skills at scale.

They were approaching recruitment traditionally – via agencies and direct marketing – with limited success. They sought a partner to help source and upskill potential candidates to become data scientists. In turn, this would enable them to execute the digital transformation strategy in 12 months.

The bank approached us to train 50 delegates in data science skills. After 12 months, the bank had an internal data science competency, ready to execute against a roadmap of critical projects. This project accelerated the bank’s journey towards digital transformation.

Delegates undertook an intensive 12-month data science course. The coursework of approximately eight months consisted of the following modules:

  • Data science terminology and problem-solving
  • Data visualisation
  • Python programming
  • SQL
  • Machine learning: regression
  • Machine learning: NLP and classification
  • Machine learning: unsupervised learning


Coursework was followed by a three-month internship where delegates worked on real-world, bank-specific projects using the bank’s own data.

“We [wanted] to create a continuous pipeline of data scientists into the bank. A bespoke 12-month course has been designed, which includes a three-month internship with real-world projects. [We value] their dynamic approach to education and learning, combined with real-world data science expertise.”

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