Rural Broadband Partners Welcomes Sand Technologies as Newest Trusted Partner

Leesburg, VA; April 17, 2024 – Rural Broadband Partners (RBP) today announced the addition of Sand Technologies to its esteemed network of Trusted Partners. This partnership marks a significant milestone in RBP’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and driving innovation in the broadband industry.

Sand Technologies equips global organizations to solve enterprise-level challenges with advanced AI and data solutions. The company’s technical expertise and history in the telecommunications sector align seamlessly with RBP’s mission and values. With a focus on AI innovation and data accessibility, Sand Technologies helps connectivity companies identify cost efficiencies, enhance their network performance, and make better, faster decisions about their network and growth strategies.

“We are thrilled to welcome Sand Technologies as our newest Trusted Partner,” said Charles Thomas, Chief Strategy Officer of Rural Broadband Partners. “Their innovative solutions and commitment to excellence perfectly complement our efforts to expand broadband access and improve connectivity in rural communities. This partnership will enable us to deliver even greater value to our customers and accelerate the deployment of next-generation networks.”

Rural Broadband Partners and Sand Technologies are poised to deliver high-quality broadband services to underserved communities in the US.

One key advantage Sand Technologies offers to the RBP ecosystem is unparalleled efficiency and accuracy for service providers’ build proposals. By leveraging advanced technologies and proprietary systems, Sand Technologies enables service providers to streamline the proposal process and deliver comprehensive and compelling build proposals with unmatched speed and precision.

“We are excited to contribute to Rural Broadband Partners’ mission of bridging the digital divide,” said Fred Swaniker, Founder and CEO of Sand Technologies. “For years, we’ve delivered real impact for underserved populations by leveraging AI and data to improve connectivity options. As an RBP Trusted Partner, we’ll bring service providers the technology tools they need to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving broadband landscape and make a lasting impact on communities across the United States.”

As RBP’s newest Trusted Partner, Sand Technologies will be pivotal in advancing broadband connectivity and fostering economic growth in rural America. Through collaboration and a shared vision, RBP and Sand Technologies are poised to deliver high-quality broadband services to underserved communities.

About Rural Broadband Partners
Rural Broadband Partners (RBP) is a leading provider of broadband infrastructure solutions dedicated to bridging the digital divide and improving connectivity in rural communities across the United States. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, RBP works closely with its network of Trusted Partners to deliver scalable, reliable, and future-proof broadband solutions that empower communities to thrive in the digital age.

About Sand Technologies

Sand Technologies is a leading global AI and technology consulting company that implements digital transformation projects for organizations and governments around the world. The company brings expertise in AI, data, software engineering and IoT to sectors including healthcare, telecommunications, utilities, insurance, and media and entertainment. Global enterprises trust Sand Technologies to provide the technical and industry skills, talent solutions, and training they need to close the gap between their current reality and digital future.


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