Leaders from the telecom ecosystem gathered at MWC Barcelona 2024 to discuss the latest innovations issues affecting the industry. On the opening day of MWC, we kickstarted the show with a Broadcast Stage discussion exploring how AI, data and digital twins are enabling industry leaders to increase profitability through improved decision making. The panelists shared first-hand insights about a number of issues, including: 

  • Using AI to inform network design in a way that achieves maximum coverage with minimum cost.
  • Leveraging AI algorithms to not only consider multiple data sources, but also to match demand with the right access medium (fibre or FWA).
  • Harnessing data intelligence to significantly reduce total cost of ownership, from AI-driven Make or Buy infrastructure analyses to making deployment decisions based on data-based demand forecasts.
  • Applying AI to unlock human capital and productivity.
  • Using Digital Twins to help operators accurately predict the economic value of building networks in a specific area and to optimize network performance using environmental simulations.
  • Tapping into AI and Natural Language Processing to greatly simplify and automate contact center operations and elevate customer service.
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Ari Sondang

GM for Network Quality Digitalization, Telkomsel

Chris Featherstone

Principal Data & GenAI/ML Telco CX GTM Lead, AWS

Michael Waldrop

Global Head, Solutions Engineering; Heavy.AI

Abhishek Sandhir

Managing Director, Telecommunications; Sand Technologies

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