Infographic: AI Makes Water Management Smarter

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Jul 5

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AI Makes Water Management Smarter

The global demand for clean water continues to outpace supply, creating an urgent need to address this critical challenge. AI has emerged as a powerful tool in the quest for smarter, more-efficient water management.

The data points below highlight the growing water crisis and demonstrate how AI-driven technologies can help conserve this most precious resource.

Global Clean Water Supply

The earth’s surface is
0 %


0 %
is available for household and commercial use.

Growing Demand for Clean Water

By 2030, water demand will surpass the supply by 40%. This imbalance could lead to increased water-borne diseases, food shortages and social unrest.

The Biggest Uses of Water, and How AI Optimizes Each

The top three users of water are agriculture, industry, and households.

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Agriculture is the largest global consumer of usable water, at
0 %
The runoff poses risks to wildlife and drinking water quality.

How AI can help

AI-enabled precision agriculture optimizes crop watering, fertilizing and spraying, using 25% less water and minimizing harmful runoff.

Industry consumes 19% of the world’s usable water, the second-largest global user. Unfortunately,
0 %

How AI can help

AI-adaptive fluid analysis and treatment systems reduce water pollution by using real-time monitoring to detect pollutants, automate remediation and optimize water treatment operations. Phoenix, Arizona, ran a pilot program using AI to monitor wastewater treatment and achieved 97% recycled water.


Households utilize

0 %
of the world’s available water.

Yet pipe leaks cause approximately

0 %
of treated water to be lost en route to customers.

How AI can help

Detecting leaks in vast underground pipes is challenging, but AI and IoT can monitor pressure and flow to detect leaks early. In just one example, AI helped avoid a water outage and saved the utility £7M.

AI for Real Impact

AI can deliver real solutions for global issues like increasing clean water supply.

Sand Technologies focuses on helping global communities and enterprises use AI to achieve meaningful outcomes.

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