Advanced Technical Skills Training

Master Data Analytics and Data Science

Course Overview

Sand Academy’s Advanced Technical Skills Training offers in-depth Data Analytics and Data Science courses designed for professionals aiming to succeed in tech industries. These courses combine theoretical knowledge with practical application, equipping you with the skills needed for data-driven roles.

They cover data manipulation, visualization and predictive modeling, preparing you for real-world challenges. With these courses, you’re not just learning. You’re preparing to lead in the data-driven future, boosting career prospects and organizational impact.

Data Analytics:
Building Blocks for Data Mastery [3 months]

Enhance your expertise with essential and advanced data analytics skills. Learn how to effectively apply analysis techniques in real-world situations, enabling you to derive and communicate meaningful insights from complex data.

Key Benefits

Fundamental Skills
Acquire essential skills in data manipulation, visualization and SQL
Strategic Decision-Making
Translate complex data into clear, actionable insights for strategic advantage
Practical Tools
Hands-on training with tools like Power BI for compelling data storytelling

Core Focus Areas

Delve into various aspects of Data Analytics, including:

Preparing Data
Master spreadsheet functionalities and basic data modeling
Querying Data
Utilize SQL to manage and manipulate large datasets effectively
Visualizing Data
Develop proficiency in translating data into compelling visual narratives

Data Science: Advanced Techniques for Complex Problem-solving [12 months]

Develop a comprehensive data science skill set focusing on statistical analysis, machine learning and predictive modeling. Explore Python and machine learning applications for complex data challenges.

Key Benefits

Advanced Capabilities
Develop expertise in Python, machine learning and AI applications
Applied Learning
Tackle real-world challenges with project-based learning experiences
Career Progression
Prepare for demanding roles that shape industries and drive innovation

Core Focus Areas

Delve into various aspects of Data Science, including:

Programming and Analytics
Deep dive into Python and data structures
Predictive Modeling
Hands-on with regression, classification and machine learning
Explorative Techniques
Gain skills in unsupervised learning and natural language processing
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