Sand Technologies launches “Sand Labs” to enable startups to build and scale faster with AI

Launched at Web Summit Qatar, the new division offers Sand Technologies’ expertise in AI and software-development to startups and scaleups around the world.

Doha, Qatar; Feb 27, 2024 – Sand Technologies, a leading global AI and technology consulting company, announced the launch of Sand Labs, a division that brings the company’s AI and software-development expertise to startups and scaleups around the world.

The new division brings Sand Technologies’ enterprise-grade solutions to companies whose unique technological and delivery needs require quick scaling and a rapid go-to-market framework.

Launched at the Web Summit Qatar, Sand Labs leverages Sand Technologies’ extensive expertise building and deploying custom software and cutting-edge AI solutions for global firms to provide startups with bespoke software, data and cloud capabilities. Working with Sand Labs, businesses can accelerate their journey from concept to launch to scale while bypassing the lengthy process of assembling and tuning an internal engineering team.

“In today’s world, where technology is rapidly evolving, speed is crucial to establishing a competitive edge,” said Fred Swaniker, CEO of Sand Technologies. “We are excited to launch Sand Labs and bring world-class quality, scalability and agility to startups and scale-ups who need it at this crucial point in their growth.”

As a testament to its support for startups, Sand Technologies brought 100 startups from around the world to Web Summit Qatar.

As part of the launch, Sand Technologies will host a masterclass at Web Summit Qatar about “How to Evolve your Tech Strategy for Future Rounds.” This session will outline strategies that startups and scale-ups can follow in developing world-class technology as they go from MVP to launch, product market fit, and eventually achieve scale.

“We understand that every startup has a distinct vision, and that their specific technology needs vary as well,” said George Ionita, Chief Engineer at Sand Technologies. “We are thrilled to launch Sand Labs as a way to help startups bring their vision to life with bespoke software solutions, deploying our global technical talent, and by leveraging our expertise in enterprise AI, data science, software engineering and IoT.”

As a testament to its support for startups and pushing the ecosystem forward together, Sand Technologies brought 100 startups from around the world to Web Summit Qatar to meet other companies, share their innovations and make important connections.

About Sand Technologies

Sand Technologies is a leading global AI and technology consulting company that implements digital transformation projects for organizations and governments around the world. The company brings expertise in AI, data, software engineering and IoT to sectors including healthcare, telecommunications, utilities, insurance, and media and entertainment. Global enterprises trust Sand Technologies to provide the technical and industry skills, talent solutions, and training they need to close the gap between their current reality and digital future.


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