Asset Health Vision

Maximize asset lifespan with intelligent, data-driven management

Without a holistic view of asset health, resource planners struggle to prioritize maintenance, minimize bottlenecks caused by unexpected downtime and sufficiently forecast future needs.

Asset Health Vision provides actionable insights into critical aspects including asset age, condition, maintenance history and performance. The Asset Health Index, a core feature of the platform, supports strategic asset management by enabling comparisons across different asset types and forecasting future conditions for informed decision-making.

Key Benefits

Maximize uptime and productivity
Common set of data, models and reports that provide specific health insights across different asset types and systems
Improve decision making

Make data-driven investment decisions, improving efficiency on total expenditures by 1–2%

Develop risk-based management plans

Data and AI help predict risks associated with likely-to-fail assets

Improve regulatory assessments

Link asset health to regulatory compliance for better business plan outcomes

Gain Asset Health Insights

Asset health data includes inventory, costs, operational, maintenance and risk measures.

Being able to analyze that vast, varied data at scale and speed empowers asset managers and decision makers. The AI at the core of Asset Health Vision uncovers patterns and anomalies to paint a clear picture of asset performance and a prioritized approach to investments, maintenance and risk mitigation.

Application Features

Merges diverse data for complete asset health analysis
Asset Health Index calculates a comprehensive index, which can be mapped to KPIs
Risk heatmap based on failure likelihood and impact on operations
Forecasts asset condition changes for strategic maintenance planning
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