AI Enhances Cell Tower Rollouts and Improves ROI

Network operators identify the highest-ROI tower sites using AI-based tools.

Optimize network rollouts with precision analytics

Upstart competition and an increasingly complex technology landscape mean network operators no longer achieve the desired ROI from their infrastructure using traditional planning approaches. Prioritizing and optimizing network resources quickly and accurately is critical to maximizing their return on investment.

AI and machine learning leverage an organization’s rich data assets to help leaders make more-informed decisions that optimize for short- and long-term results.

AI Network Planner is an advanced planning tool that provides CTOs and network planners with a detailed investment roadmap. Its machine learning algorithms empower decision-makers to leverage a variety of data, including satellite imagery, demographics, competitor information and potential tower locations to gain actionable insights that inform their strategic investment priorities.

The solution utilizes machine learning geospatial analytics, ray tracing-based radio propagation models and cash flow modeling to provide detailed insights into customer demographics, competitor coverage and current and expected customer performance metrics. The tool optimizes the rollout strategy site by site, accounting for the impact on surrounding sites to optimize for CapEx investment.

Key Benefits

Demand-based Network Planning

Using a variety of open-source, proprietary and operator-provided datasets, Sand Technologies can accurately model demand and expected customer take-up, ensuring new sites are recommended in areas that will deliver the desired ROI and maximum profit.

Rapid and Scalable Radio Planning

Sand Technologies’ solutions outperform incumbent software by using advanced AI, optimization algorithms and ray tracing. These powerful tools can model entire cities in hours instead of weeks, allowing rapid simulation and what-if scenario-based analysis to better inform decision-making of large CapEx investments.

Who benefits from this solution?

Operators need fast and accurate deployment strategies to remain competitive in fast-moving markets. Sand Technologies’ Where to Rollout solution uses AI and data to help telecom leaders optimize their network plans within hours, not weeks.

Network Planners

Simulate a range of scenarios that drive top-level strategic metrics, narrowing down where to invest with clear business cases that justify decisions.


Gain the ability to make macro capital decisions with increased confidence in investment returns and customer uptake.

Tower Providers

Better understand where to locate new sites in areas that are, and will remain, attractive based on powerful new network and business insights.

How it works

AI Network Planner identifies optimal site locations for expanding your RAN by creating a digital twin of the network environment. The tool builds a 3D representation, integrates existing site data and adds contextual information for improved decision making. AI Network Planner targets areas lacking coverage and identifies high-demand zones, such as underserved populations, affluent regions, low-competition areas and areas with high traffic volumes. By enriching the digital twin with supply gaps and demand hotspots, AI Network Planner uses AI to model potential site payloads and return on investment. It then provides a prioritized list of candidate sites for validation and construction, maximizing ROI.


Scalable Radio Planning

Sand Technologies has developed and uses ray tracing for Radio Planning to ensure a highly accurate line of sight and RSRP estimation while being highly scalable. This radio-planning tool can plan cities within minutes, and it can run thousands of simulations to find the optimal site location and configuration.

Accurate Payload Prediction

Using AI and ML, Sand Technologies accurately models the expected payload at the site level and can validate it to ensure accuracy prior to deployment. Models are updated and adjusted based on customer insights and market dynamics, even post deployment, to capture the most up-to-date tower and network information.

Sand Technologies and AWS

The synergy between AWS’ massive computational resources and Sand Technologies’ advanced AI, ray-tracing and optimization algorithms enhances client outcomes. Together, the partners bring scalability, speed and extensive geographical reach for network operators looking to remain competitive and build their business with AI.

AWS’ infrastructure supports the computational intensity of Sand Technologies’ offerings. The platform also delivers Sand Technologies’ AI solutions faster than a traditional on-premise setup, providing network operators with timely and efficient tools that drive greater value and improved business outcomes.

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